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Vaishvik Gyanganga Seva Trust, Vadodara's Residential Sanskrit Camp (Date - 20/05/2023 To 30/05/2023)    

Bal Sanskar Varg Is Going To Start From June 2021, Only Limited Children Will Get Admission, So Join Bal Sanskar Varg Today.    

Learn Sanskrit In 3 Months, New Class Is Starting From June 2021, Join Spoken Sanskrit Class Today.    

Teach Your Children The Bhagavad Gita Recited By Lord Krishna And Instill Sacraments In Them, New Classes Are Starting From June 2021, Join Today.    

Learn Complete Knowledge Of Indian Scriptures In Just 3 Months, New Class Is Starting From June 2021, Join The Class Today.    

Learn To Sing The Stotras Of Different Gods Easily And Know Their Meaning, New Class Is Starting From June 2021, Join The Stotra Class Today.    


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Objectives Of Listening Skill

विद्वान् बहुश्रुतः

To Develop The Habit Of Listening Attentively To What Others Have To Say.
Listening To The Pronunciation Of Others And Imitating The Correct Pronunciation.
To Develop The Ability To Understand The Meaning Of Pure Material.
To Be Able To Understand The Feelings Of The Speaker.
To Develop The Ability To Differentiate Sounds.
To Increase Vocabulary Among Students.

Objectives Of Speaking skill

श्रुतिमधुरं सम्भाषणम्

To be able to express one’s feelings, thoughts, experiences simply and clearly.
Learning to speak with proper pronunciation, proper tone, proper tempo, and gestures.
Be able to express your views without any hesitation.
To be able to communicate with each other.
To be able to speak fluently.

Objectives Of Reading Skill

माधुर्यमक्षरव्यक्तिः पदच्छेदस्तु सुस्वरः।
धैर्यं लयसमर्थं च षडेते पाठका गुणाः॥

Recognize And Read All The Letters Of The Alphabet.
Explaining The Ideas Of The Material Read.
Fix Your Point Of View On The Material Read.
To Develop The Ability To Clearly Understand The Sentiments Of The Writer.

Objectives Of Writing Skill

यः पठति लिखति पश्यति परिपृच्छति पण्डितानुपाश्रयति ।
तस्य दिवाकरकिरणैर्नलिनीदलमिव विकास्यते बुद्धिः ॥

Learning To Write Letters Properly.
Nice Article To Practice.
To Make Knowledge Of Pure Alphabets.
Familiarity With The Rules Of Syntax.
Presenting Ideas In A Logical Order.
Writing Down Experiences
Knowledge Of Script, Words, And Idioms

Vaishvik Gyanganga Seva Trust