Proposal For Geeta Audio Compose

Srimad Bhagavad Geeta is the ancient and main holy scripture of Hinduism. The Geeta is not limited to the Hindus but is considered to be a scripture for the entire human race, and world thinkers have taken guidance from it. There are many scriptures in Hinduism, but the significance of the Geeta is supernatural. The original Bhagavad Geeta is composed in Sanskrit, with a total of 12 chapters and 200 verses. The Geeta is easily conveyed to the children by the organization.

  • The process of imparting sacraments by playing with young children in the institution started and its medium became Geeta education, if children are to be explained easily, then it is necessary to be a child with them and teach them in their own way.
  • From the teaching experience of the teachers, it was learned that there is not a single version of Geetaji that attracts the children, there is no single audio of Geetaji that children enjoy listening to.
  • The organization wants to compose Geetaji in a new way that children can enjoy.
  • We will create Geeta audio with amazing music and modern ragas.
  • We want to compose 18 chapters of Geetaji in a way that children like and with pure pronunciation and easy raga.
  • This Geeta-Audio should be recorded by separating the Sandhi-Samas so that it is easy for the listeners to pronounce.

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