• Construction Of Buildings, Residences And Eateries Etc. For Those Interested In Studying Sanskrit.
  • To Organize Sanskrit Camps In The Country And Abroad In Order To Propagate The Sanskrit Training And The Vedic Dharma.
  • To Construct Sanskrit Pathshala, Hostel, Library Buildings At Various Places.
  • To Carry Out Research On Sanskrit And Vedic Literature And Also To Organize Scholarly Seminars And Competitions.
  • To Begin Degree And Diploma Courses For Students In Disciplines Of Sanskrit.
  • To Provide Absolutely Free Lodging, Boarding And Education For The Economically Weaker Sections Of Society.
  • To Make An Arrangement For The Study Of The Vedas, The Gita, The Philosophy, The Upnishadas, Grammar And Sanskrit Scriptures For Character Building As Well As For Moral And Cultural Upliftment.
  • To Run The Free Educational Centers And To Facilitate The Worthy Poor Helpless Orphans Students By Providing Clothes, Food, Study Materials And Lodging.
  • To Give Award And Certificates To The Trainees Who Undertake Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly And Annually Sanskrit Training.
  • To Establish India As The Strongest Economic And Cultural Power In The World To Provide An Atmosphere For Every Citizen Of The World To Live With Pride.
  • To Encourage Adoption Of Sanskrit In Day-To-Day Work In The Departments Of Education, Health, Force, Administration, Industry And Business.
  • Eradicating The Differences And Barriers Of Language, Caste, Religion, Region And Gender In The Society Is One Of The Main Objectives Of Vggs – Trust.
  • To Create And Support A Movement To Popularize Sanskrit In World Again And, Through Sanskrit, Revitalize And Strengthen The World Civilization.

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