Singing Stotra Has Been Going On In Our Country For Thousands Of Years But It Is Not Possible For Everyone To Understand Its True Meaning, And Correct Pronunciation So We Accepted The Task And Conveyed The Famous Stotra To The People In A Pure Form. To Understand Our Religious Stotra And Sing Them In A Pure Way, We Provide The Stotrakaksha. Specialties Of Class One Can Learn Shiv Stotra, Vaishnav stotra, Devi Stotra, Ganesh Stotra, Surya Stotra, Daily Puja Stotra Etc. Anyone Over The Age Of 05 Can Join.

We Will Tech Following Stotras

  • Shiv Stotra
  • Vishnu Stotra
  • Devi Stotra
  • Ganesh Stotra
  • Surya Stotra
  • Other Important Stotras.

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