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Sanskrit Has Played A Vital Role In The Development Of All Indian Languages And In The Preservation Of The Cultural Heritage Of India. No Indian Language Can Flourish Without The Help Of Sanskrit.
Sanskrit Also Provides The Theoretical Foundation Of Ancient Sciences. Hence, It Becomes Essential To Preserve And Propagate Sanskrit For All-Round Development Of India.
Vggst Was Established In June 2018 As A Trust For The Development, Preservation And Promotion Of Sanskrit Learning At Bharat And Abroad.
The Journey Started From Three Children Today Stands Like The Himalayas. The Vggs-Trust Protects Not Only Sanskrit But Also Culture.
The Vggs-Trust Provides Knowledge Of The Bhagavad Geeta, Study Of Indian Scriptures, Value Education And Teaching Of Sanskrit.
Headquarter Of The Trust Is Vadodara, But The Work Of The Trust Is Spreading In The State Of Gujarat, Today The Vaishvik Gyanganga Seva Trust Operates In Vadodara And Outside Of Vadodara.
Students Of The Institute Are Studying Sanskrit At Many Small And Big Places In The Country Like Dabhoi, Chhotaudepur, Bodeli, Padra, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Even In Countries Like Australia And Usa.
Sanskrit Education Is Imparted To The Children Online Through The Institute. The Vaishvikgyangangaseva Trust Is An Ngo That Seeks To Preserve Indian Culture.


Construction Of Buildings, Residences And Eateries Etc. For Those Interested In Studying Sanskrit.
To Organize Sanskrit Camps In The Country And Abroad In Order To Propagate The Sanskrit Training And The Vedic Dharma.
To Construct Sanskrit Pathshala, Hostel, Library Buildings At Various Places.
To Carry Out Research On Sanskrit And Vedic Literature And Also To Organize Scholarly Seminars And Competitions.
To Begin Degree And Diploma Courses For Students In Disciplines Of Sanskrit.
To Provide Absolutely Free Lodging, Boarding And Education For The Economically Weaker Sections Of Society.
To Make An Arrangement For The Study Of The Vedas, The Gita, The Philosophy, The Upnishadas, Grammar And Sanskrit Scriptures For Character Building As Well As For Moral And Cultural Upliftment.
To Run The Free Educational Centers And To Facilitate The Worthy Poor Helpless Orphans Students By Providing Clothes, Food, Study Materials And Lodging.
To Give Award And Certificates To The Trainees Who Undertake Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly And Annually Sanskrit Training.
To Establish India As The Strongest Economic And Cultural Power In The World To Provide An Atmosphere For Every Citizen Of The World To Live With Pride.
To Encourage Adoption Of Sanskrit In Day-To-Day Work In The Departments Of Education, Health, Force, Administration, Industry And Business.
Eradicating The Differences And Barriers Of Language, Caste, Religion, Region And Gender In The Society Is One Of The Main Objectives Of Vggs – Trust.
To Create And Support A Movement To Popularize Sanskrit In World Again And, Through Sanskrit, Revitalize And Strengthen The World Civilization.


Our Mission Is To Bring Modernization In The Sanskrit Field. Sanskrit Is The Right Of All The People Of The Society. In Sanskrit There Is Not Only Religious Literature But There Is Art, Science, Philosophy, Life, Etc And We Want To Make These Subjects Popular In The Society Again.
We Want To Provide Education Based On Indian Values Or Indigenous By Including Veda-Vedang, Indian Culture, History, Yoga, Meditation And Good Behavior Through Sanskrit So That The Students Can Attain Success In Their Life.
Our Mission Is To Develop The Family, The Society, The Nation And The World At Mental, Intellectual, Spiritual And Social-Level.
This Work Was Started Keeping In View The Education Of The Present Times, The Need To Keep Human In The Perspective Of Many Issues Like Lack Of Humanity, Lack Of Culture, Lack Of Integrity In The Society.
The History Of Indian Culture Teaches Us A Lot But It’s Pure And Simple Methods Do Not Reach The Students And Society. If You Want To Understand A Culture, Then You Have To Understand The Texts Of Its History, The Work That We Will Do.
Apart From Imparting Sanskrit Education, To Set Up An Equalitarian Society Based On Values Of Spiritualism, Nationalism And Justice Beyond The Boundaries Of Cast, Creed, Class And Religion For The Country’s Development.

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